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If someone else is conducting a marketing strategy — for instance, a public seminar that is generating new business and is highly profitable — we often want to try and do the same. We consider trying it out with our own business so we can duplicate the results (and the success). But often, when we try a seemingly perfect strategy from another person's playbook, it doesn’t work nearly as well for us. And that is incredibly frustrating.

There is one truth in marketing: Not everything works. Many businesses give up nearly immediately if the marketing strategy doesn’t have the success another firm has claimed. So, that public seminar you tried did not have enough people in attendance? What do you do? Was the whole thing a failure? Are you willing to try some things to change the results? The key is that you need to make it work for you, your geography and your firm. Using another firm’s successful strategy can get us close, but often not all the way.

A lack of success in your marketing efforts can open the doors to better marketing. The way to go from bad to great in marketing is by trying different things. If you haven’t tried a marketing strategy that failed to work perfectly, you probably aren't taking enough risk. We want to give ourselves the best chance of success, but we simply cannot generate results if we don’t tweak and work at it a little. A trait of successful, growing businesses is that they are often working to perfect what they are doing to acquire new business. They may not always be adding new strategies, but instead they work to make the ones that weren’t initially successful become better and better.

So, if you are not getting enough people to your seminar, then consider the message you are delivering. One solution for successful marketing is to continually hone in on clear and concise messaging that is specifically compelling to your target prospects. In the case of the seminar, your invitation should clearly answer the questions: Why attend? Why this seminar? Why now? Why this firm?

In order to serve the people who need what you have, you may have to take a few calculated risks with your marketing. A marketing strategy won’t work perfectly the first time, so make sure you give yourself the time to continue to make it better. Great marketing comes with time — and believe me — it will come!
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