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​I met with a colleague this afternoon. He has been in sales for less than a year and, quite frankly, he has not been very successful at it.

I was shocked.

I’ve known this guy for years, and his personality is perfect for sales. He is outgoing, friendly and very knowledgeable. He connects well with people. He is very honest and trustworthy. He does not easily take no for an answer, and he is one of the most confident people I know.

In short, he should be the poster child for the successful salesman of the 21st century.

Still, his sales are sporadic.

So, today, I sat down with him to review his sales strategy to identify what might be awry with his presentation. To my surprise, his pitch was solid and offered all the answers a customer might need. It lacked a little of the experience of a seasoned salesperson, but it was very good for someone new to the industry.

That’s when it hit me.

Could it be my friend was relying so heavily on his charisma and knowledge that he really wasn’t trying? I decided to ask a few of his coworkers. The answer became clear immediately.

My friend had become a lazy salesperson.

He depended on the marketing team to bring in customers instead of going out and finding them himself. Then, when a customer did come through his doors, he was rather nonchalant and assumed his congenial personality would win him the sale. However, his attitude turned away customers. This frustrated him; therefore, he became even less inclined to go the extra mile to win over them. The result? Failure.

I discussed all of this with my friend and, to be honest, he had every excuse imaginable for why he acted the way he did and why he chose a more laid back approach to sales. Maybe it all made sense in his mind, but to his colleagues and customers he was just plain lazy.

Have you become a lazy salesperson like my friend? Ask yourself these five questions to find out: ​
    1. Do I show up early for work and stay late to make more contacts?
    2. Do I return my clients’ calls and emails right away (within a few hours)?
    3. Do I immediately find the answers to my clients’ questions?
    4. Am I willing to go the extra mile to meet my clients’ expectations?
    5. Do others in my office see me as a go-getter?
If you answered no to any of these questions, then you better take a closer look at your sales style and determine if this is the job for you. Not everyone has the psychological makings for sales and that’s okay. If you don’t, get out now. If you do (like my friend) and have just become lazy, then get to work!

Success is awaiting you!
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