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When it comes to the financial planning aspects of planning a funeral or end of life planning, by far the most common help families need are funeral planning and estate planning matters.

Funeral planning and estate planning challenges to consider:
  1. No existing wills or living trusts
  2. Difficulty locating a copy of the original wills or living trusts
  3. Wills are old and/or outdated
  4. Living trusts are not properly funded or titled properly
  5. Calculating income tax and estate taxes
  6. Properly filing income tax and estate taxes with the IRS
  7. Dealing with probate
  8. Difficulty locating many important financial documents
  9. Collecting life insurance proceeds
  10. What creditors are owed money
  11. Family disagreements
  12. Passwords to computers, access to safe deposit box
  13. Who should look after the children?
  14. Was there an end of life plan detailing the final plans and preferences?
  15. Was there any funeral insurance to pay for funeral costs?
  16. How does the family plan to pay for the funeral?
  17. Was there an end of life plan to help prepay funeral expenses?
  18. What assets are best to sell to pay for any taxes due or creditors owed?
  19. Who becomes the executor when there is no will or living trust?
  20. How does the family choose among the family heirlooms?
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