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You need more business. You need responses to your offers, but you’re plagued by prospects who don’t respond to your emails or your calls.

Or worse, they dangle you like a fish at the end of their rods. They react favorably in the moment, and then become unreachable. You hear, “Yes, we should talk,” and then there’s no response at all to your efforts to arrange a time.

Or they say, “Yes, I want to hire you,” but they don’t follow through on the agreements you’ve proposed.

Recently, I made a “let it go” decision about Randi, a financial advisor who had given me every indication that she would like to talk with me, but never seemed to respond to my emails agreeing to set a time. I hadn’t been desperate to enroll a new client; I long ago decided that even if I needed an additional client, it didn’t have to be this one. In fact, the way I work, I can’t even be sure — without speaking to someone — that I will want to work with him or her.

But with Randi, I felt I was still clinging to this idea that I needed to make a conversation happen. I was being driven by that need, and I’m certain that she could sense it.

“How would you handle this differently if you didn’t feel that you needed the next step in this relationship to be that conversation?” my coach asked me.

“I’d make her a final offer,” I replied, “and if she didn’t respond, I’d just let it go for good.”

Of course, that was the answer. So, I wrote Randi a final offer email:
    Hi Randi,

    I’ve reached out to you a couple of times since you told me you wanted to set up a coaching session, but I haven’t yet gotten a firm response. To be concrete, here is the offer I’m making:

    We talk on the phone for 90 minutes, and I give you my best coaching. We won't have to discuss a continued coaching program unless it feels right for both of us. Either way, you’ll come out of the call with a clearer understanding of what you want and an awareness of some of the first steps you’ll need to take in order to get it. That's it.

    Your response to this offer has to be a “Hell yes!" Anything less is a no in my book. And either answer is perfect.

    If it is a "Hell Yes!", then let’s exchange times that could work and set it up. If not, I won't contact you again about this. I know you'll do well for yourself no matter what you decide.

And with that, I let go of my need to have the conversation. If Randi wasn’t going to give me an enthusiastic yes, I would take any other response she gave (including no response) as a no, and move on.

In this case, after receiving my final offer note, Randi wrote me right back and set up a time to talk. That might not have been the outcome in another case, but chasing her would have been about my needing the closure, not about what Randi needs.
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