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In his upcoming book, "The Great Mehdi’s Fast-Track Sales System," Mehdi Fakharzadeh, the world’s most successful insurance sales agent, shares the following:

“You are different from all other financial services practitioners. You have unique abilities and individual strengths. The world’s most successful insurance agents and financial planners all use a sales system that is carefully structured especially for them. Their system is tailored to take advantage of their strengths. Such a sales system is proven to produce the best results.

Most financial advisers use a system that actually works against them. Why would you actually support a system that works against you?

Failure is certain if you use no system at all. Limited sales results are assured by using a sales system that is wrong for you. Using the wrong sales system, (a sales system that does not work well for you), makes your life and your sales far more difficult.

Only the sales system that is ‘just right’ for you will enable you to take control of your time. Only your carefully tailored sales system will enable you to become productive to your maximum potential!

Throughout our world, especially during these tough economic times, most people do not fulfill their potentialities. This is especially true of insurance agents and financial planners. Selling is very difficult — even miserable — without the most effective sales system. Professionals who must sell their services, but fail to adequately sell, are not weak people. Just as salesmen who fail are not bad people. The proper and essential dynamics must be in alignment for top results.

Your sales are not produced by memorizing clichés, threatening, punishing, quotas, prizes, deadlines, reducing cost, rewards, trophies, demanding, gimmicks, etc. Your sales are produced by discovering the best combination of individual sales dynamics that form the sales system that works most effectively for you, and then polishing your system through repeated use (practice).

Much of what I have learned I acquired not only from my personal experience (and I’ve had a lifetime of trials and errors in the world of selling financial products and services) but also from the world’s great insurance agents, financial planners, sales trainers, inspirators, motivators, and self-help writers. These same sources have always been equally available to you. I’m talking about people like Ben Feldman, Guy Baker, Lew Nason, Norman Vincent Peale, Norman G. Levine, Robert H. Schuller, Dale Carnegie, Walton W. Rogers, and many other wonderful people. Forrest Wallace Cato, the American media advocate for financial professionals, wrote a best-selling book in China, the main point of which is, you are what you do by habit.

At any point in time your financial status is determined by your choices that become your habits. Even your attitude is your choice. You do not have to be squeezed and molded so that you can be used and exploited. Your own ‘results-producing system’ frees you, stimulates your thinking abilities, and assures your confidence.

The only difference between financial advisers who have highly succeeded and those who are only average financial advisers lies in the differences in their habits. Your sales system makes the difference in your habits. Your winning sales system empowers you with what you need and can do best.

Most people in financial sales and service, or in any other profession, do not absolutely stick with proven success habits. Instead most people “do anything” or “whatever” from day-to-day, depending on “various circumstances that take place mostly by accident.” Doing this is a “no-no.”

If you maintain your motivation and discipline, then nothing can prevent you from achieving your sales goals, once you define and use the right system for you. When you are “locked” into your proven system, you can then “bounce back” as necessary. You know in advance that you can overcome any obstacle because you are aware that your success is the sum of your habits. And most of your habits are small efforts repeated day-after-day.

Your customized system helps you to always make the most valuable use of your time as you stay focused and highly productive. The right system for you allows you time for life’s other essentials. You cannot hope to fully participate in maximum sales without using the system that is just right for your individual situation and circumstances. Your system keeps you strongly in command.

Starting immediately, your permanent priority is creating, practicing, and remaining loyal to specific permanent and positive habits that will move you along the track to your greater success."

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, MDRT 13-Court Of The Table, 27-Top Of The Table
"The most successful living and active insurance sales agent in the United States," Leader's Magazine
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