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Leads are a bit like plants. While they can someday blossom into a paying client, they require a sustained period of effort and care to reach that point. Only instead of water and sun, leads need to be nurtured with time and attention.

Lead nurturing is the process of anticipating the needs of a prospect based on behavioral insights and using these insights to guide the prospect through the buying process. When executed properly, lead nurturing builds a strong relationship with the prospect, as well as brand loyalty. Ideally, the prospect will end up purchasing the product that’s right for them, and the sales professional will obtain a loyal and satisfied client.

Below are some general guidelines for developing your lead nurturing plan.

Initial contact

Be the first to contact the prospect. Even if the lead does not convert immediately, the advantage of being the first name in their inbox on their voice mail is immense. If you have the personnel, you should designate someone in your office as the primary lead responder. They will be responsible for calling leads the second that they come in. While some may feel that calling right away does not provide enough time to generate a quote, remember that your relationship and your marketing strategy is what sells, not the quote directly. Plus, if you can keep the prospect on the phone for a moment or two, you can use that time to generate a quote.

Follow up

As a rule, you will want to be flexible yet aggressive. In a recent study sponsored by Velocify and PossibleNow and conducted by Zogby Analytics, the number one complaint of consumers shopping online cited was inadequate or even non-existent follow up. That means you already stand out if you call a second time. Remember, Internet consumers have varying schedules; some might be more likely to respond in the mornings, in the evenings, on weekends, or via text message.

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Prospecting only during office hours can limit your ability to directly communicate with Internet consumers. Adding a few evening or weekend contact attempts will significantly improve the return on your lead investment.

Diverse contact

In the digital age, email and text messaging is where many agents are starting to go. Consumers are online for a reason and prefer to communicate in the same way that they shop. While many agents prefer the immediacy of calling, emailing and text messaging are also important channels for communicating with prospects and should not be neglected.


As is the case with nurturing plants, nurturing leads requires sustained effort to keep them from withering. For insurance leads, the key component of this nurturing is communication. That’s where agents should focus their efforts, because if you can’t communicate with a lead, nurturing the lead is impossible.

What follow up tactic does your agency find most effective in the nurturing process?
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