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The Supreme Court is expected to rule on health care reform Thursday and coverage, speculation and opinions have taken the Web by storm. Here is a sampling from the past few days.
  • This article on CNN explains that both Republicans and Democrats already have contingency plans in place no matter how the court rules.
      After the ruling is announced, it will take seconds before staffers for both parties begin to flood reporters' inboxes with news releases. They, and their bosses, also will take to Twitter and Facebook to quickly move to frame the political fallout for the other side.
    But once the initial flurry of activity ends, things will become much more complicated, as both sides scramble to figure out their next steps.

  • This AP article provides a summary of the many ups and downs of health care reform throughout U.S. history.

  • Earlier this week, former President Bill Clinton warned of the consequences should the Affordable Care Act be struck down. Among the repercussions he said aren’t being discussed are:
    • A return to the out-of-control inflation of health care costs. Changes made to the health care delivery system have already produced two consecutive years with just 4 percent inflation – the lowest in 50 years

    • The loss of insurance coverage for approximately 2.6 million people between the ages of 21 and 26 who would no longer be carried under their parents’ policy

    • A decline in insurance refunds paid to businesses and individuals

    • The loss of health insurance for between 12 million and 16 million Americans who would not be able to get health insurance due to pre-existing conditions if the individual mandate is repealed
  • In this piece from The New Yorker, Ezra Klein explains why politicians reverse their positions, while detailing how the Republican Party actually supported the individual mandate for nearly 20 years.

  • Meanwhile, this Washington Post article discusses the growing speculation that Chief Justice Roberts will write majority opinion in the case, while on Forbes, Avik Roy explains why Roberts’ likely issuance of the majority opinion could spell bad news for the individual mandate.
This is political theater at its best and history in the making — the largest SCOTUS decision since Bush v. Gore. With a ruling just around the corner, we want to hear your thoughts and predictions. What will the court rule, and what will the decision mean for the presidential election, the health care industry and for those in the insurance industry?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below or, even better, submit a blog to ProducersWEB. We will do our best to post all blogs related to health care reform over the next few days.

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