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Every summer, Trekkies, comic collectors and fans of the supernatural flock to Comic-Con International: San Diego for a weekend event that celebrates the influence of comics in art and culture. Since 1970, the comic book convention has grown to include celebrity panels, film screenings and costumes galore.

And though I’ve never read a comic outside of the “Archie” series and I couldn’t tell you the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, I, like most San Diegans, headed downtown over the weekend for a little people watching. Zombies and heroes and cartoons, oh my!

Here’s what I discovered: All bias aside, insurance professionals aren’t all that different from super heroes. We might not be fighting crime or beating up bad guys, but we are, in a sense, protecting the public. And we, too, look good while doing it, with or without a cape, a sidekick or a fancy car. We have so much in common with super heroes, we’re practically supernatural beings.

Check out the descriptions below and let me know in the comments which super hero you’re most like. (Personally, I’m Batman.)


You have a strong moral compass. From an early age you realized your strengths and you resolved to use your talents helping others. You don’t just go above and beyond for your clients, you’d fly to the ends of the earth to help save their rates and protect their policies.


You rule with an iron fist, but in a positive way. You have amazing senses, making you a great listener and a sweet talker. Your ability to maintain control throughout the application and underwriting process strengthens your execution and ability to close sales. You’ve been in the game a long time, and rookie agents could learn a thing or two from you.


Sticks and stones won’t break your bones, and words will never hurt you. You don’t see setbacks as hindrances, but instead you heal quickly and move on. Your strength is your ability to forget the past and look toward the future and how you can improve. You’re practically immune to failure.


You always have the newest gadgets and most advanced technology. You understand the need for social media, and you’re a wizard when it comes to finding clients online. You might spend your days in the office, but it’s at night when the real work gets done.


You can do it all. Life, disability insurance, commercial lines, personal lines — regardless of the product, you can sell it. You know the insurance industry is always changing, and you’re more than willing to shape-shift into whatever position is going to help your clients and your company.


You’re very family-oriented and your past experiences give you insight to the importance of insurance coverage. Your “spider-sense” allows you to react quickly to problems. Basically, with just a flick of the wrist, you can get whatever your client needs.

Iron Man

You’re highly intelligent (albeit a little cocky), making you an expert in several areas within the industry. Your peers might misconstrue your demeanor as snobbish, but that doesn’t stop you from excelling. You know what’s best for your clients, so you wear thick armor to shield the haters … err, competition. Whatever — you're Iron Man.


Your network is vast and powerful, allowing you to take full command of the resources available to you. Whether it’s calling in special favors, or sweet-talking an underwriter, you have a real knack for controlling situations when you feel as though you’re being backed into a corner.


You use your size to get what you want. You’re kind of a big deal, so you’re used to getting your way. And if you don’t get what you want, you get a little angry. Underwriters and carriers won’t like you when you’re angry, but really, deep down, you’re just a nice guy who can’t always contain your emotions. HULK SMASH.

Professor X

You’re the peacemaker. Whether the carrier or your client has a problem, you’re quick to find a solution that will make everyone happy. A real thinker, you have a keen insight to the needs of your clients, enabling you to cross-sell more easily.
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