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Referral acquisition is no longer reliant on word of mouth. Just a few short years ago, in order to cultivate referrals, financial professionals needed to communicate consistently, give clients an experience to talk with others about, and provide quality products and servres.

Today, all of that is still true but becomes meaningless, unless what people are ultimately saying about you matches what can be found online. If someone says something like, “You have to go see my financial advisor! She is very bright; she cares about her clients so much; and I personally trust her to take care of my money and the money I will pass to my kids,” you have only reached the first step. Before coming in to see this “bright advisor,” that person will likely search online for more information — no matter what was said.

These days, 9 out of 10 people will search for you online before coming in to visit with you. Why? Because they can (and should) do some due diligence before sharing personal financial information with someone. The problem begins if they can’t locate you online or if what they find is not up-to-date, is unclear or doesn't share the benefits that you and your firm provide. Or, even worse, what if what is found about you online doesn’t come close to matching the perception they had in their mind about you after being referred? This could be the cause of not converting referrals into appointments and sales.

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Ask yourself, "Does my online presence match with who I really am?" To create that matching perception, your website homepage should include answers to four critical questions. If not, it’s time to make some immediate changes. Here are the four questions your website should answer clearly and quickly.
    1. What do you do?

    2. Who do you serve?

    3. What is unique about you?

    4. Why should someone do business with you?/What are the benefits and value that they will derive?
If you think you should be receiving more referrals based on the good job you are doing for your clients, look first to your website. Your clients are likely talking about you if you are doing the type of work they consider valuable. Your website and overall online presence may be the cause of unfortunate fumbles at the very time that you are seconds away from converting those referrals into appointments and sales.
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