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The next time you get a call from someone trying to file a strange insurance claim, one that seems over the top and that you don’t think will go through, don’t simply dismiss it. Your job as an insurance agent is to be there for your customers and support them the best way you can, even if they claim there was a meteor shower that only affected their home.

People buy insurance to protect them in case the unexpected or unthinkable happens. Here are some of the more unusual claims filed with insurance agents.

Super-poly ... oops

A man lost his dentures while throwing up over the side of a cruise ship and filed a claim for his loss. Lucky for him, his travel insurance decided the lost false teeth constituted lost baggage and paid the claim.

Robbed by monkeys

A couple visiting Asia returned to their hotel room to find their clothing missing and the room in shambles. A brief investigation uncovered that a bunch of monkeys had broken into the hotel room through an open window and stolen the clothing. Some pieces were found scattered through the rain forest. Others were lost forever. The couple’s travel insurance covered their loss.

It was the camel

A man filed a claim for damage to his car after coming out of a local nursery and witnessing a camel kicking and damaging his car. While he was on the phone with the insurance company, a television news crew that happened to be in the area got footage of the attack. Since there was evidence, the claim was paid.

Slippery slope

A Pennsylvania woman received a six-figure insurance settlement after slipping and falling in a puddle of soda at a store and cracking her tailbone.

Easy on the eyes ... and nose

A British tourist filed a health insurance claim after he walked into the side of a bus shelter and broke his nose. The cause? He was distracted by a group of women in bikinis. Health insurance did pay the claim.

A lack of snowpack

A skier filed a claim to recover the cost of the skis she had just purchased when she arrived at the ski lodge and there was very little snow. The claim was rejected.

Mrs. Newton

A woman vacationing in Sri Lanka needed hospital treatment after a coconut fell on her head while she was reading a book while sitting under the tree. The claim was approved.

Tis the reason

A woman on her way home from Christmas shopping became distracted after a Christmas tree flew off the roof of another vehicle as it came around a bend. The tree hit her hood and caused a dent. Adding insult to injury, she ran off the road and crashed into a hedge. The other driver didn’t stop. The woman’s auto insurance policy covered the damage, and she got to keep the Christmas tree.


A woman arrived at the port early to meet her husband, who was returning home from a deployment overseas. She parked her car a bit too close to the boat slip. As the submarine pulled into port, an inexperienced ensign misjudged the distance and crashed into the end of the slip. The car fell into the water. The Navy paid the claim right away.

A true mobile home

A broken down car was pulled off on the side of the road. Along came a truck pulling a house that was being moved on a trailer. The house began to tilt and fell off the trailer, landing on the car and crushing it. After a lengthy phone call and confirmation of the story from the moving company, the claim was paid.

In the majority of cases, insurance claims are mundane, but stories like these show why it’s so important to have insurance.

Have a strange claim or story about a client? Post your most interesting claims in the comment section below and on Twitter at #StrangeClaim.
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