What is does your Disney World look like? Inspiration from Walt Blog added by Sandy Schussel on January 8, 2016
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When you look at your practice (or “business,” “career,” “life,” etc.), what are you seeing?

Is there a picture of how you want it to be? A compelling vision that drives your work and interactions with people? Are you on a mission to bring your message or your help to more people – seeking clients for your cause? Is your mission to help your clients – or your loved ones – in more ways, even if this only means making more money so you have more time to give to friends and family?

In "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill tells us that nothing happens in the absence of a “burning desire,” which would lead some people to say that to be successful, you must be passionate about the results you want to achieve. But my coach and friend, Steve Chandler, warns people that passion is too overwhelming of a concept. If you make a commitment to grow, you can be passionate or not; it’s keeping the commitment that makes it happen.

On opening day of Disney World in Orlando, a reporter remarked to Roy Disney, “It’s too bad Walt didn’t live to see this.” Roy is said to have replied, “Walt saw it first; that’s why you’re seeing it now.”

What’s your Disney World? What are you seeing? Will others get to see it, too? Have you made the commitment to make it happen, or is it just something you’d like to see happen? Take a few minutes this week to think about and write down what your Disney World looks like. See it. Then, if you really want it, commit to it.
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