Seven ways you can beat the behemoths at their own gameBlog added by Jeffrey Reeves on November 18, 2010
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A syllogism
The financial and tax systems in America are set up to assure the success of behemoths — large industries like automotive, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc.; large unions like the SEIU, NEA, AFSCME, etc.; the FED, large shareholder owned banks and financial businesses; large advocacy groups like AARP; and — most of all — large government.

In order for behemoths to succeed, they need your money.

Therefore, the financial system in America is set up to transfer your money into accounts the behemoths control.

Seven ways to beat the behemoths
1. Discover how you can act as your own banker and decide to keep control for yourself and your family of the money that enters your life.

2. Take the mystery out of money. Honestly evaluate your personal economy and discover where the money leaks are. Then plug them.

3. Reduce or eliminate 401(k) (or equivalent) contributions and put that money into EUREKONOMICS Accounts™ that you alone control.

4. Discover how to use home equity lines of credit to buy cars, appliances, furniture, etc. and redirect thousands of dollars in interest as you restructure your personal economy and establish EUREKONOMICS Accounts™.

5. Save for your vacations in advance and increase your vacation budget every year by doing so.

6. Increase health, auto, and home owner insurance deductibles over time and in proportion to savings in your EUREKONOMICS Accounts™.

7. Most importantly, create a legacy of wisdom and wealth that you can pay forward to make sure your children and grandkids have the abundance that is readily available to every American that follows the EUREKONOMICS™ model.
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