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There are definitive correlations between doing something different, taking potential risks and finding more success. Have you counted the number of times you have gone outside of your comfort zone? Every day? Every week?

If you go outside of your comfort zone and take even a small risk just once a day, you could be making opportunities.

What would happen if one day you decide to do something different than what you usually do? Maybe you decide to:
  • Advertise in a bold way in a niche magazine

  • Call a potential strategic alliance to ask for a first meeting

  • Reach out to another professional at a much further point in his/her career to ask for advice

  • Call a referral who has not been responding
  • Host an event with your best clients and their friends

  • Reach out to a prospect when the trail has gone cold

  • Or make a proactive client call and discuss a contact of theirs on LinkedIn
What could possibly happen? While there is a real challenge with having a lack of time to do something different, time blocking 30 minutes in a day (no more than that) to complete one bonus “risk” activity may just be worth it!
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