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A recent ProducersWEB article notes the importance of reading a variety of industry-related articles on a regular basis. Here's what we've enjoyed reading this past week. Please feel free to share your thoughts, as well as other article recommendations, below.

Will Obama Ruin the Economy to Ruin the Republicans? (Bloomberg)

"By creating an object lesson of how unfit the Republican Party has become to govern, Obama can ensure himself a political “win.” But with a new recession sparked by a government payments crisis, the country would lose -- and Obama, whose second-term plans would be hampered by the need to manage yet another recovery, would lose, too."

Tax Exclusions for Health Insurance (The New York Times)

"The magnitude and distributional effects of the tax exclusion for health insurance look quite different when viewed from the perspective of the entire safety net."

How Baby Boomers Will Change the Economy (USNews)

"The increasing numbers of recent retirees, along with the hordes of people waiting at the gates, give politicians headaches as they try to figure out how to finance Social Security and pay the medical bills covered by Medicare."

The Economy's Worst Enemy Now Is Demographics (and It's About to Be Our Best Friend) (The Atlantic)

"America is getting older, but in the next 15 years, we could hit a sweet spot, where Baby Boomers spend down their retirement savings and younger workers take on debt to buy homes and cars."

Why We're Robbing Tomorrow's Retirement to Pay for Today (The Fiscal Times)

"But millions of Americans, caught between flat wages and high expenses for everything from sending children to college to making home repairs, feel as though they have little choice. The withdrawals have grown substantially in the wake of the financial crisis."

Morphing Into The New Age Of Estate Planning (Forbes)

“'You go from having more work than you ever dreamed you can do to wondering is anyone going to love me this year?’ says Gassman–a sentiment expressed by other lawyers at the conference. Clients are calling to ask if they did the right thing, he and others say. They’re concerned about whether they will have enough for themselves long-term and whether they gave too much away."

Solving the Riddle of the Immediate Annuity (WealthManagement.com)

"Is it better for clients to leave money to loved ones or put their money in an “immediate” or “income” annuity for guaranteed lifetime income?"

The realities of long-term care in America (Columbia Journalism Review)

"The CLASS Act may be gone, but the need it tried to address remains, and PBS’s Need to Know program that aired last Friday deserves a CJR Laurel for showing how big the problem really is. It was one of the most compelling and informative long-term care pieces I’ve seen."
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