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As someone  who understands the complexities of selling insurance, I understand the  difficulties in attaining new business and growing existing business. Long gone  are the days of going door to door to sell life insurance.   The internet, email and electronic transmission  are all relatively new technological advances that have altered the way we do  business. 

We must  continue to evolve and to adjust to the changing times.  

As an insurance agent myself, I have seen  many changes in the past 40 years and while today has its own set of challenges,  there is also many opportunities.  There is  also an easier way to sell more life insurance.  

It is easier  to talk to someone you already know than it is to a total stranger, right? 

The same concept applies to selling  insurance.  It is easier to sell new  insurance to your existing clients, because you already have a relationship  with them.  

It is easier  to use and leverage existing money than it is to raise new funds, correct?  Again, the same concept applies to selling  life insurance.  

It is easier to use the  resources you already have, because it is much more difficult to find the money  needed to buy new insurance due to budgetary constraints.   

Easiest of  all is to borrow against existing policies rather than to buy new insurance.  The question becomes, how do you do that when  there is no cash value in the policy?    We have the  answer, and it is an easy solution.  

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