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This time around, the selection features articles on the role life insurance plays in retirement, the importance of insurance companies' easy-to-overlook notices to insureds, the role nurse practitioners could play in a post-PPACA world, a UK perspective on the fiduciary question in the U.S. , several on what's next for the boomers, and more. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Retirement planning in an uncertain world (CBS MoneyWatch)

"If you truly understand the critical issues regarding investing and retirement planning and you're honest with yourself, you'll realize that you can't guarantee certainty with all risks."

The kids gone, aging Baby Boomers opt for city life (The Washington Post)

"Reversing the trajectory of the Eisenhower generation, which fled cities for the suburbs, these boomers are following a path that younger people have embraced in droves. Many are empty nesters, and freed of the need to factor in school districts and yard sizes, they are gravitating to dense urban cores near restaurants, shops, movie theaters and Metro stations. "

Do you need life insurance in retirement?

"Letting your policy lapse can save you money, but there are also a few reasons to keep it."

Voices: Amy Renkert-Thomas, on estate planning for wealthy families

"In my experience there's a gulf between the traditional estate planner's approach and what ultra-high-net-worth family enterprises want from an estate plan. In the end, families can find themselves without the degree of control over a business or estate that they were used to and hoped they would maintain."

Cold calling is dead, thanks to LinkedIn

"Or should I write it the way two entire industries, sales and marketing, would probably exclaim: “Cold calling as we know it is dead… thank you LinkedIn.”

LTCI for regular folks

"In case you hadn't noticed, the premium for a traditionally designed long-term care insurance (LTCI) policy has finally exceeded the ability of the middle class to pay for it."

That bland annuity notice may be anything but routine

"For owners of variable annuities, reading letters that may look like routine notices from an insurance company might be the difference between receiving the payment they expect and one that is significantly lower. "

Bracing for Obamacare: Nurse practitioners fill doc shortage gap

"Experts estimate the U.S. is already short more than 9,000 primary care physicians, a number expected to rise to 65,800 by 2025, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. If newly insured Americans are going to get care under the federal health overhaul, it’s Fey and her colleagues who will have to help fill the gap, analysts say."

Whose side is your financial adviser on, anyway?

"Not everyone who gives financial advice in the US has a duty to actually help those who have no sense of their financial best interests."

Boomers turn to entrepreneurship as new retirement strategy

"There is one way to avoid outliving your money: Work longer, on your own terms."
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