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Prostate cancer is more common today than ever affecting tens of thousands annually. Because the condition is so frequent, we are seeing continuous medical improvements, and as a result, an increasing percentage of successfully treated prostate cancer.

As a result, there are several life insurance companies that are offering better than average rates for prostate cancer cases. In fact, one of the most well-known life insurance companies is extremely aggressive in underwriting prostate cancer after successful treatment.

If you have had prostate cancer, the guidelines to qualify for life insurance are listed below.
    1. Your diagnosis must be after age 55;

    2. Your pre-treament PSA must be below 20;

    3. You must have your prostate removed surgically (radical prostectomy);

    4. Your post-surgical Gleason score must be 6 or less;

    5. You must be at least 6 months out from surgery (12 months in many cases);

    6. Your post surgery PSA must be 0.5 or less (preferrably 0.1 or less);

    7. No other significant medical issues that would negatively affect your rates.
If you can meet these criteria, you can qualify for the standard plus rate class even with a past history of cancer. Sadly, most life insurance agents aren’t aware of this opportunity and have no idea of how to handle prostate cancer cases. But, you don’t have to overpay for life insurance because of your prostate cancer history.

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