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Year-end and the beginning of the New Year are always an exciting time for me. It is a time to reflect on what went well and what didn’t, how to improve in the coming year, and it is a traditional time to set goals.

If you’re like me, you probably want to grow your business, meet more prospects, and help your existing clients reach their goals.

Surprisingly, three simple tips have helped me accomplish these goals and exponential growth over the past five years. As my present to you, and to help you start the New Year right, I’m passing them on.

1. Delegate

This is the tip that I am guilty of violating the most, yet delegation also produces the greatest results for me. I would encourage you to get an assistant, if you don’t already have one, or to use the staff you already have more often.

If you have an assistant or office staff already, ask them what tasks they think they can help you do. You will probably be surprised to learn that they understand your business better than you realize, and they can help you be more efficient and successful if you’re willing to trust them.

2. Standardize

It is hard to measure results or make improvements to a process if you haven’t standardized it. A standard is a process or series of steps used to accomplish a specific goal and obtain a desired outcome.

If your sales presentations are off the cuff or you improvise the client interview process, you are missing opportunities. True professionals take the time to practice and are always looking to improve. Take the time to over the next few weeks to create at least one process for a common task you do on a regular basis that you can standardize.

Once you define the steps that need to be taken, make a simple checklist to follow. To help you improve the process, keep notes each time you perform the process and identify what worked and what didn’t.

The first step is to fix the steps that didn’t work or perform as expected. Once the process works, fine tune it to improve your results.

3. Systematize

Once you have a standardized process it is time to systematize it. Systematizing means that everyone in your office does it the same way. McDonald’s may offer hamburgers and french fries, but what they really sell is a standardized and systematized process to providing these and other items to their customers. No matter which McDonald’s you walk into anywhere in the world, you expect and receive the same level and standard of service.

This is only possible because they have systematized everything they do. You may not need or want to go to the same extremes, but you should have a systematized way that you and your team do common items, such as answer the phone, leave voicemails, conduct client interviews and deliver policies.

I hope that these tips lead to a prosperous and joyous New Year.
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