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Instead of trying to figure out on the fly what marketing strategies will work for you each time, why not carry marketing insurance? What if you paid a premium each month for this so-called marketing insurance, which would protect you from making mistakes in your marketing?

You would certainly make sure you were implementing a lot more marketing, right?

Marketing insurance, of course, isn’t something you buy, but it is something you can have. In fact, sometimes it’s actually free! But paying attention to it really is the key.

Your marketing insurance comes in three parts:

1. Determine where your best new clients will likely or could potentially originate. Do they come from referrals, a seminar, strategic alliances or speaking engagements?

2. Create a simple action plan for defining the handful of activities that will need to be carried out consistently to implement these strategies that will produce your next clients. Consistent implementation is critical. Assign someone, even yourself, to be responsible for getting these tasks done every week, month or quarter.

3. Look at your plan every week and make sure you are moving activities forward — even if for just five minutes. Review the plan and make sure implementation is happening.

OK, it may seem pretty simple, but if you know where clients could come from, you have a simple plan to consistently reach out. And if you are on top of this every week, you have just bought yourself some marketing insurance. And I have yet to see a firm that has consistently implemented a sound plan go backwards in new business acquisition. The insurance works!
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