The odds on the match-up between FaceBook and Twitter: who comes out on topArticle added by Jeffery Hoyle on April 18, 2011
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Is social media good for you and your business? In the long run, you bet it is. But it is important to understand that each social media platform approaches their sparring match from a different perspective.

The major players in the social media forum can be likened to opponents in a boxing match. Both contenders have given some major body blows to the other. Still, the goliaths both stand virtually unscathed. Is this good for you and your business? In the long run, you bet it is. But it is important to understand that each approaches their sparring match from a different perspective.

Take Facebook for example. The Facebook platform is considered more of a passive social media platform. When you post a status on Facebook, you are sending out information that may or may not illicit a response. The same applies to messages sent directly to folks in your friends circle; a response isn’t quite as quickly forthcoming.

On the other hand, Facebook offers a great way to market your brand in a very no nonsense fashion. It allows you to send drips about you and your business consistently, and gives readers more opportunity to take in what you have to say. Posts stay on your page, and can be visited again and again. Links to other sites you choose to add are also ways to stimulate your reader. In short, Facebook takes a sort of old school approach to marketing with a new slant in our technology drive society.

In contrast, Twitter employs a more active approach. A post on Twitter is like an immediate shot around the world. And typically, there is always someone there to hear it. The key is to have a strategic network of followers; both of your tweets and the tweets of others with similar business interests. You may find that you harvest a whole slew of followers from your use of other social media outlets.

The tough part about Twitter is gaining quality followers. By continually posting, and posting pertinent and timely information, the followers will come. And you must offer your following to others as well. It is a much more “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” environment in the land of Twitter.

While the success of juggernauts Facebook and Twitter will be written about in business text books for years to come, the beauty of their competition is that it appears to be minimal. The two are so different, yet have the same goal: they function differently, but each has a common end — social interaction using modern day methods.

So even though the final bell has yet to ring, the ultimate outcome will most likely be a draw. Both offer advantages in getting the message of your business out to the masses. Both offer clear and concise ways to mold that message to best suit your needs. And both provide a simple medium to help your business better brand and promote itself. If you aren’t already posting and tweeting, you had better get on with it. The results will speak for themselves.
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