How do you promote life insurance awareness among your clients?Blog added by Lauren McNitt on September 7, 2011
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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, which raises the question, how many Americans truly understand the value of having life insurance?

Apparently not enough. An alarming 41 percent of Americans lack life insurance — an all-time low, according to LIMRA. Furthermore, both men and women are less likely to own life insurance today than they were in 2004.

So how do you demonstrate the importance of owning life insurance to your clients? Here are a few tips from the ProducersWEB experts:
    If you want to double your life insurance sales in the next 30 days, then start asking questions to help people to see and understand the financial problems they are facing, so they want to solve those problems. Then you must go a step further and help your prospects to find the money.

    Lew Nason, Double your life insurance sales in the next 30 days

    Insurance agents and case designers today have many options in building diversified life insurance portfolios for their clients. Carriers continue to be innovative and provide an array of products to use in constructing life insurance portfolios that are flexible and meet their client’s short and long-term cost, coverage and duration objectives. One size no longer fits all. Creativity is the key.

    Ken Godfrey, Four ways to build a diversified life insurance portfolio

    If you want to build strong relationships, credibility and trust, and attract a steady stream of the right prospects, then help middle-income families to solve their problems. Help them to find the money to:
    • Reduce or eliminate their consumer debt
    • Maximize the amount they can invest from current income
    • Reap the upside of the market, while guaranteeing the safety of their investment principal
    • Position their assets to increase their eligibility to qualify for college financial aid
    • Minimize their income taxes
    • Position their money to provide more current liquidity
    • Maximize their investment returns
    And, help them to do it all without taking additional money out of their budget or changing their current lifestyle.

    Lew Nason, Make your life insurance sales soar

    This is what a good insurance advisor does for clients. You eliminate the product choices that aren't a good fit for a particular client. You save them time by doing the selection and de-selection process for them. Conceptually summarize why you ruled out certain types, and focus on why your recommendation is the best real choice for them.

    Susan Zimmerman, Boost life insurance sales with the four secrets to shooting a pea

    You need to offer a service such as a free, no-obligation policy review or beneficiary review consultation. You need to find an insurance product you like and then market it, sell it and get some cash.

    Paivi Kaufman, Humans are where your cash is

    Too many producers today will do anything to make the sale. And oftentimes, this helps you lose the prospect's respect. Remember, when you used high probability selling strategies, in life insurance and all sectors, you will gain more clients and generate more funds -- the ethical and effective way.

    Jacques Werth, My second-largest life insurance sale
What are your tips for educating clients about the importance of having life insurance? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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