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This week's picks include the one reason to buy life insurance, the perfect life combo for charitable clients, an exposition of annuities, a look at affording health care during retirement, ratings like Yelp for financial advisors, an opinion on Obamacare opponents, and more.

There's only ONE undisputable reason to buy life insurance (Forbes)

"While many advanced planning strategies incorporating life insurance are viable for some individuals, across the board, there’s only one certain reason to purchase life insurance."

SPIAs and universal life: The perfect combo for charitable clients (LifeHealthPro.com)

"By using an annuity arbitrage strategy, however, older clients (generally, age 65 to 85) who intend to make specified testamentary gifts can effectively have their cake and eat it too. They’ll receive an income tax benefit during their lifetimes while their favorite charities will benefit at death."

The truth about annuities (Financial Advisor Magazine)

"An annuity can accomplish one simple goal: income during retirement. However, the spectrum of annuities that are available – and the specifics of each contract—makes deciding whether or not an annuity is beneficial for each individual consumer a complex matter."

7 new advisor “musts” for thriving in crisis (WealthManagement.com)

"Remember, whether you’ve been in the business 25 weeks or 25 years, you are the product. How you carry yourself, how you communicate – your positioning is critical. The following are 7 New Advisor “Musts” for Thriving in Crisis. These are great for deepening relationships, initiating new relationships, and finding new business in a time when many of your competitors are missing the mark."

Who will care for America’s aging population? (Washington Post)

"Americans must be educated about how to make smart financial and health-care decisions earlier in life so that the odds of postponing a long-term-care event are increased and the odds of being financially ruined by such an event are decreased."

You plan your retirement, then you get the health bill (New York Times)

"Mr. Strack hasn’t decided yet when he’ll stop working full time. But he doesn’t expect any retiree health coverage from his employer, which now provides insurance for him and his wife, Penny, a retired educator. If he leaves work before he turns 65, he won’t be eligible for Medicare — so they’ll have to buy interim coverage on the private market. He hopes affordable plans will be available, but the rocky debut of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance market worries him."

ObamaCare flak seems familiar (The Hill)

"Yes, it seems a lot like what we are going through with ObamaCare. Which is why I have written that we Democrats need to fess up that we messed up. But we also need to remember what happened when Social Security was first enacted — and then take ObamaCare and mend it, not end it."

Can financial planners be rated like Yelp? (Forbes)

"Some planners scoff at the whole notion of consumer reviews for their profession because they believe clients are rarely equipped to provide accurate ratings."
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