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When things on the ground are going great, or else…

When they are in the tank…

That is the very time to take the larger or broader view.

The view you may get from a…


As a strategic vehicle, it can hover at varying distances, at variable speeds and has the agility needed in comparison to other distant viewing options. For instance, a piper cub or even a jet liner is too far up and runs at a very high speed in a straight line, and it is not conducive to variable tracking or a detailed or closer analysis. A space shuttle is an even more distant option offering a very limited view. And in contrast, a car on the ground awards little to no oversight — maybe if it did there would be fewer accidents.

In other words, we are looking for the perspective that allows us to see the bigger picture, from a flexible, realistic and yet objective viewpoint, while creating the insight and oversight necessary for sound decision making and strategic analysis.

With all the pressures, one of the most difficult perspectives an individual or a business owner has to maintain is the one called objectivity. One does not have to look beyond the best athletes in the world for the truest examples of those seeking objectivity. The golfing greats do not need to learn anything new about the game of golf. But, most of them retain advisors. Butch Harmon, for example, serves as an objective advisor to some of the world's best.

Question: If the world's best golfers (some say best athletes) need “objectivity" while making millions... why wouldn't the best small to medium sized businesses and individuals — let alone the one's who are not on top of their game and are even in more serious trouble?

The answer is that we all need that objective viewpoint. In other words, we need the "helicopter" view. All considered, the helicopter image is an unmistakable trigger for the idea of creating and viewing practical objectivity. It is also vital in decision making.

Decision making: Action
As professionals, we are always looking for unique selling proposition (USP), and this objective could offer one. Consider going to your favorite toy store, and purchasing a few toy helicopters (better than a pen or calendar) to give to your key clients with a cover letter of your commitment to stay in the helicopter with them. With all the immediate demands on us today, like the golfers, we need someone to keep us aware of the objective “bigger picture.”

Helicopter view definition: noun (informal)

A broad general view or description of a problem, e.g.;

The project manager should have a helicopter view and understand how the project fits into the company’s general business plan.
The head of the firm wanted to take a helicopter view and engage in long-term strategic planning.
You need to be able to stand back and grasp the helicopter view of events.
As a consultant, her role involves taking a helicopter view of how businesses are managed.

This method allows us to gain a helicopter view of the marketing process.
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