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These seven marketing questions are a key to rejuvenating your marketing efforts. Answer these questions before you create your next marketing campaign.
  • What is my marketing plan? What do I want my marketing to do? Which goals will my marketing help me reach? Is my marketing persistent? One shot marketing rarely works. Have weekly marketing tasks planned and put them into action.

  • What do I what my future client to do? Exactly how do I want folks to respond?

  • What is the stopping power of my headline? Does it emphasize a benefit? Is it compelling enough to grab even the most hurried person? Is my logo my headline?

  • What am I offering? Business is always a quid pro quo. This for that. (This goes back to the four questions you answered earlier). What does your marketing offer that will cause your future client to stop what they are doing and respond to your offer?

  • What is my call to action? If you don’t ask for a response, you will not get one.

  • What split tests have I tried? One headline against the other. One offer against the other. One call to action against the other. One will always out-pull the other in response. Usually by a lot.

  • What is the focus of my marketing? Is it on you, your company, your products or your services? If so, you're dead, because your future client only cares about him/herself. They only want to know what you can do for them. They don’t give a damn about you.
A few more tips, tricks, techniques, tidbits and marketing secrets

The following secrets are not in any order. Each is valuable on it own or combined with other secrets. I highly recommend that you combine these ideas in different ways. Why? Because when you combine them, you multiply their strength.
  • Provide high-level proof that what you are promising will be delivered. Credible third-party testimony that you deliver on your promises. Free trials or free samples are other forms of proof.

  • Ask your future clients for a yes or no answer. Either is OK. There is nothing worse then a "think it over," because you are the only one thinking about it. Your future client has already moved on.

  • Actions, not just words, determine success.

  • Admit your shortcomings. Everyone knows that nothing is or can be perfect. You product and services have flaws. You know what they are. If you don’t, ask you customers. Being 100 percent honest about your defects builds credibility and can also separate you from the competition. I promise your competitors would be too embarrassed to admit they are not perfect.
  • Keep learning.

  • Start each day with the five most important marketing tasks that will help you reach your goals. And do them no matter what.

  • Money comes to those who move fast.
Now, which of these secrets rang the bell for you? Which ones did you write notes about? Add them to your “to do" list. And do them.

Using these secrets will separate the sheep from the goats.

Promise yourself that you will use these marketing secrets. Scout’s honor! Because, you know that if you keep marketing the way you've always marketed, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten.
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