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Not long ago in an insurance trade journal article, an insurance agency owner, who we'll refer to as Ron, stated that his agency producers no longer needed to make cold calls. That might seem like a rather bold statement to many agency producers, as they are routinely directed or expected to "smile and dial" to fill up their pipeline.

Why did Ron contend that his producers no longer needed to make cold calls? Their highly successful webinar series and associated insurance agency email marketing campaigns yielded this result. The vast majority of their prospects came to know and regard his agency in a highly positive light. There were many requests during these webinars for producer appointments, and every follow-up call made by producers was a "warm call," built upon a solid foundation created from their ongoing webinar series.

This agency focused their webinars on purely educational topics. They included topics on business, compliance, regulations and industry changes. They never attempted to pitch their insurance products. Instead, they reached out to engage their prospects with valuable current and relevant information, building an online relationship in advance of any sales opportunity. The concept here is fairly simple, but in many cases, contrary to conventional insurance agency marketing methodologies (let the producers build their own pipeline). Agencies can and should help their producers fill up their pipelines, ensuring sufficient qualified prospects to yield ample new business.

Insurance agency email marketing and Web seminars are no longer leading edge concepts, as they have been in use for over 15 years. Today, this technology is affordable for any small agency, though agents and brokers may lack some of the digital marketing skills to successfully launch a professional email marketing and webinar series. In these cases, agents can outsource the series or seek a knowledge transfer from a proficient insurance marketing agency.

What does an insurance agency need to capitalize on Web seminar marketing?
  • A series of educational topics

  • A subject matter expert (in-house, partner-based, or both)

  • A dry run (practice session)

  • Cloud-based webinar technology, like GoToWebinar or Webex

  • Cloud-based email marketing platform (many to choose from)

  • 30-minute, branded PowerPoint presentation
Why does the last bullet specify a length of 30 minutes? One hour webinars are too long to optimize audience attendance and attention, and 15 minutes is often too short to share something of value. Thirty minutes is an ideal target duration for most insurance agency webinar formats.

Webinar marketing offers insurance agency executives and producers an excellent method to help fill producer pipelines. Cold calls can morph into warm calls thanks to the ongoing online relationships created through an educational insurance agency webinar series. Webinars extend agency branding, awareness and credibility for both the agency and producer. They offer an opportunity for the agency to showcase expertise and professionalism. Insurance agency email marketing (and webinar fulfillment) is an important digital marketing tool that every producer should utilize. It's common knowledge that producers will always be more successful with warm calls than cold calls.
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