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The Society for Annuity Facts & Education (SAFE), Inc. officially filed for 501(c)3 status as it embarked on its mission to raise awareness and provide the public with reliable information about annuities.

“With retirement savings nearing all-time lows, people living longer than ever before, and planning for retirement becoming an after-thought for many, SAFE believes that providing accurate, easy-to-understand information about annuities and the role they play in insuring retirement savings and retirement income is essential,” explained SAFE President Mark T. Stone.

Organized as a nonprofit educational association, SAFE’s primary focus is to provide factual information about the benefits, features and uses of annuities to the general public.

SAFE also provides consumers and the media with an accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased source of information in order to help them make informed decisions, limits the amount of misinformation the general public and media are exposed to, communicates important facts about annuities, provides a forum for the exchange of information and provides opportunities for education through town hall meetings, website communications and content, social media, publications, as well as other programs and activities.

SAFE is a nonprofit, non-stock corporation incorporated in the State of Wisconsin. SAFE will be guided by an esteemed Board of Directors comprised of representatives from all facets of the annuity industry.
    Current Board members include:
    Lowell Aronoff, Chief Executive Officer, CANNEX Financial Exchanges Limited
    Pam Heinrich, Esq., Heinrich Law
    Rich Lane, National Director of Sales and Marketing, The Standard
    Rod Mims, Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager, Athene Annuity
    Gregory L. Mitchell, Senior Vice President; Chief Financial Officer, The Lafayette Life Insurance Company
    Sheryl J. Moore, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Moore Market Intelligence
    Joe Spillman, President, ECA Marketing
    Mark T. Stone, Principal Marketing Strategist, Insurance Insight Group
    Eric J.Thomes, Senior Vice President of Sales, Allianz Life
SAFE’s officers include:
    President, Mark T. Stone
    Treasurer, Gregory L. Mitchell
    Secretary, Pam Heinrich
SAFE is currently seeking additional board members from the variable industry and consumer advocacy groups. In its developmental stage, SAFE has been closely affiliated with NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities, a 501(c)6 organization, because it provided the initial resources and guidance in establishing SAFE. SAFE will operate independently with approval as a 501(c)3 organization.

Founded in 1998, NAFA’s role is to provide education and promote the understanding and awareness of fixed annuities to financial professionals, insurance companies, vendors, members of the media and consumers for the purpose of selling fixed annuities.

More about SAFE:
For more information, contact Siobhan McNulty (email: /phone: 801-290-3311)
Follow SAFE’s activities on Twitter at @AnnuityEd, or visit
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