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When you touch these key points in a meeting with a client or prospect, you're reminding them what's truly important and how to make their goals jump off the paper and come to life.

As advisors, you already know the importance of planning for what you want, but your clients and prospects tend to need reminding. Whether they want to become successful, want to buy that house on the market, or simply want to be cozy off in another country during their older years, they need to plan. It is not just about investing or waiting for the money to come in. It is about helping your clients plan for their retirement early and wisely.

Retirement planning is an art, so to speak. It is what makes or breaks a person. It is what gives light to a world of struggle and challenge. It is what makes younger people truly successful. Here are some reminders your clients and prospects need to hear to help them direct their time, energy and resources into retirement planning and trusting you to help them do it right.

Acknowledge the urgency. In the United States, the average life expectancy is around 80 years old. Say a person retires around the age of 65 and does everything she can until the age of 75 — that's 10 solid years to have fun and spend time with her friends, family and loved ones. These are things a lot of people have been dreaming of since they were 40 years old. Retirees who are successful know how short life is and they live it with a sense of urgency.

Take risks. Sometimes retirement planning also involves taking risks. This is not only true with life insurance or financial investments but also in so many different arenas. This includes when a client takes that much-needed calculated risk to ensure that he lives a stable and vibrant life. For one thing, he can do something that he's never done before, such as traveling to far-flung places. He says that we never know what life has in store for us, so we take this risk and just enjoy life to the fullest.

But of course, as an advisor, you know that a successful retiree needs to be careful, too, as taking risks doesn’t mean using your credit card all the time or spending on things you don’t need. Your clients and prospects also need to check their credit rating and see how well (or not) they are doing.
Be healthy. Everyone needs to cherish and maintain their health and well-being. Otherwise, how are we going to enjoy our retirement to its fullest? Eating the right amount of food, exercising as much as possible, drinking lots of water, sleeping at least eight hours a day, consulting a doctor at least once in a while and socializing with loved ones are all ways to live with a sense of urgency. Remind your clients and prospects (and yourself) to make sure that they are at the prime of their health.

Retire to something and not from something. Clients and prospects need to be reminded that retirement is not about running away from your job or from something you don’t like. If this is their attitude, it can bring boredom, discontentment and a whole lot of negative feelings. A successful retiree knows that when he retires, he is looking forward to something better, relegating his thoughts to having a positive impact on society.

Retire when you have enough funds. This is an obvious one, but your clients and prospects might think that retirement is about reaching a certain age. Retirement planning, as the name suggests, requires having enough income saved for non-working years. So the sooner your clients earn enough, the younger they can plan on retiring to enjoy life.

Rise up to the challenge. Successful retirees know that they don’t have to wait for anything. They just need to take the plunge. They know what they want out of life and how to get it. They know that it’s still risky, but they take the plunge anyhow. Once they know why they need a retirement planner or advisor to help them calculate their strategy, they need to jump in and get the planning done.

Build meaningful relationships. Social interaction is a key element in a retiree's life. This means your clients should plan to incorporate their closest friends and relatives into the equation, assuming that's on the priority list. And remind your clients to keep social interaction up in their retirement years. Remember the old adage, “No man is an island.” When you interact with other people, you feel free and you indulge in their creative ideas, as well. In short, it’s about living life with the people that are important and closest to you.

When you touch these key points in a meeting with a client or prospect, you're reminding them what's truly important and how to make their goals jump off the paper and come to life.
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