"I’m just not feeling it" — are you aware of how you make decisions?Blog added by Ernest Falkner III on March 28, 2011
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That statement can go in several directions. But, in the world of decisioning, it has a special meaning. When you look at the numerical stats from an extensive search on the Internet of how people decide, you will probably come to the same conclusion we did.

It’s right down the middle. Decisions made by gut feeling, instinct or emotion (subjective) versus decisions made by logic, facts or rationality (objective) are about 50/50.

Questions: Is one better than the other? Is one for one kind of decision and the other for another? Do guys versus dolls use one over the other? Can they be equally important? Left brain/right brain, and a zillion others?
In all, this is probably an unanswerable question as to absolutes. So, here is an alternative suggestion: If you are prone to be heavy on one side or the other, borrow from the opposite side. In other words, if you tend to rely almost exclusively on your gut feelings in deciding on highly important issues, toss a good measure of logic and objectivity into the equation for a more balanced response — preferably using a proven model or system.

Remember, the goal here is not the right or wrong technique. The goal is the best possible decision.

If this seems too simple, it must be. You decide.
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