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If you want to grow your financial advisory business with more affluent clients while reconnecting with existing clients, now is a great time to begin. Holiday parties are a great place to grow your affluent prospect and client funnel, while leveraging your relationships with the affluent. To jump-start your business by acquiring more affluent clients, try some of these financial advisor marketing strategies.
Strategy No. 1: Grow your connections with affluent prospects and clients
Holiday gatherings provide financial advisors with a great opportunity to meet new affluent clients and prospects while reconnecting with existing affluent contacts and clients.  While it’s easier to spend all your time at holiday gatherings with existing affluent clients and contacts you already know, commit to meeting at least three new affluent contacts at each gathering you attend.
Strategy No. 2: Ask, ask, ask to gain insight to affluent clients and prospects
The best financial advisor strategy for finding out information about your affluent clients and prospects is by asking some questions.  The secret to this marketing strategy is to listen.  When done effectively, you will learn everything you need to know to win your affluent client's business for life.  Make it a goal to learn five new facts about each new affluent prospect you meet.
Strategy No. 3: Listen, listen, listen to your affluent clients and prospects
As a mentor shared with me earlier in my career, we were given two ears and one mouth so we would listen twice as much as we talk.  When we listen with the intent of learning everything we can about our new affluent acquaintances, we are much better equipped to solve their challenges and win their business for life!
Strategy No. 4: Grow you affluent contact list
Instead, of bringing your business cards, bring your positive attitude and holiday cheer to the party. When you don’t have a card, you can instead get your new affluent contacts’ information, which then allows you to connect with them at a later date.
Strategy No. 5: Send your new affluent contacts a holiday card
A great way for financial advisors to reconnect with new affluent contacts is to send them a holiday card. Include a personal note, a picture of your office staff or family, and a personal message.  These are much more effective than generic cards without a picture and from ABC financial advisor firm.
Strategy No. 6: Send a "Nice to meet you" note to your new affluent prospects
Following up with a "Nice to meet you" note is a great way to build a relationship with affluent clients — especially women.  Let them know it was nice to meet them and that you look forward to connecting again after the holidays.
Strategy 7: Leave them a message
Call your new affluent contacts and let them know that you enjoyed meeting them and that you will be in touch after the holidays.
Strategy No. 8: Send an e-mail or text to your new affluent contacts
If your new affluent connection provides you with their e-mail or cell phone number, send a casual message wishing them a happy holiday or saying that you enjoyed meeting them and look forward to connecting after the holidays.
Strategy No. 9: Grow your relationship with your new affluent client contact
Add your new affluent contact information to your automated affluent client or prospect relationship and referral advisor marketing campaign.  Consistent follow-up is critical to success, especially with affluent clients and prospects.
Strategy No. 10: Invite affluent contacts to your monthly feeder workshops
Invite them to your monthly affluent feeder workshops. Feeder workshops are one of the best strategies to attract and retain affluent clients, especially women. Feeder workshops are also a great way to grow your advisory firm and become the go-to financial advisor for affluent clients in your area.
Strategy No. 11: Remember to send affluent clients a birthday card
Find out your new affluent contact’s birthday and then send a personal card and some goodies.
Strategy No. 12: Follow affluent contacts successes
If the affluent contact is influential, track them through Google Alerts. When he or she is mentioned in the media, send a personal note congratulating them on their success.  This financial advisor marketing strategy is especially effective for marketing to affluent women clients.  For major accomplishments, have the announcement posted on a plaque.
Strategy No. 13: Celebrate their success
For major successes, schedule a luncheon celebration with their closest friends. You will be amazed at how many affluent clients (especially women) will share that their advisors have never done anything like that for them.
Strategy No. 14: Find your affluent contacts’ passion
Possibly the best strategy for winning affluent clients for life is to find their passion.  When you find out what truly motivates your affluent clients and contacts, they will line up to do business with you.
Strategy No. 15: Collaborate with other referral partners
When you work in collaboration with other referral partners by attending their holiday gatherings, you can both leverage your connections, which can help both of your businesses and the affluent clients.
Strategy No. 16: Add Some Holiday Cheer
One of the best gifts you can share at any gathering is a positive attitude and some cheer for the upcoming year.  This can do more for your efforts to market to affluent clients than almost anything you can say or do!
Follow these 16 affluent marketing strategies and watch your financial advisory business thrive next year!
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