The tax we impose on ourselves by our failure to manage our timeBlog added by Jeffrey Reeves on December 6, 2010
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Benjamin Franklin in the persona of Father Abraham continues: "If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be, as Poor Richard says, the greatest prodigality;”

Like most seekers of wealth and wisdom, Albert devoured books, articles, and training programs that could help him grow and prosper. In 1975 — or thereabouts — he discovered a timeless treasure in Alan Lakein’s book “How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life.” He adopted the principles and practices the book advised, and adapted them to his life and lifestyle. He created a training program for employees and clients based on the ideas in the book. He was convinced that Alan Lakein had discovered eternal truths.

A few years later Albert discovered “The Way to Wealth.” Surprise! Dr. Benjamin Franklin, 225 years earlier, had not only known of these ideas but had also written about them. When Father Abraham begins the discussion of time management it is with the premise that the ineffective use of time is a failing so great that it is the greatest failing a person can have.

Think about it — It’s your time and your life.
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