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Stephen D. Forman (LTCA)

Stephen Forman

Bellevue, WA

Joined: February 07, 2011

Bellevue, WA — May 13, 2013 — One of the nation's leading experts on long-term care insurance, Stephen D. Forman, CLTC, today announced the next chapter in his evolving educational campaign covering the field of long term services and supports (LTSS): a video Q&A.

Forman, senior vice-president of Long Term Care Associates, Inc., explained why he decided to donate his time to the project, "The internet is a blessing and a curse—information is freely available, but much of it is suspect. Now more than ever, it's critical that individuals only accept advice from a verifiable source they can trust." He continued, "As the author of more than 50 articles about long-term care features, our profession and LTCi sales—as well as the founder of Twitter's ranking LTCi-facing account—it's my job to keep an ear to the ground. As certain questions began to recur, I felt it my duty as our industry spokesman to address them."

The interview has been edited into two brief 5-minute spots with the help of the Editorial Staff at ProducersWEB, where Mr. Forman is a regular expert contributor:
  1. Q&A Part 1: Covers thoughts on the current state of the industry; the effect of carrier exits; impact of new products like Short-Term Care and Linked-Benefits; and a prediction for the next 20 yrs.
  2. Q&A Part 2: Covers key factors influencing the buying decision; favorite sales strategy; how to include technology in the sales process; thoughts regarding "direct mail"; and more…
Questions about LTC coverage options and qualification can be found at www.ltc-associates.com or by calling 1-800-704-9233.

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With roots dating back to 1974, Long Term Care Associates, Inc. (LTCA) has now entered its 5th decade focused exclusively in the LTC insurance marketplace, with claim payments by our policyholders now counted in the Tens of Millions of dollars. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, the company is proud to have been selected as the exclusive provider of long-term care solutions to many of the nation's most prestigious alumni associations, credit unions and professional societies. Please follow our "Education Through Social Media" campaign on any of the following properties: www.facebook.com/ltcassociates, www.youtube.com/ltcassociates, or www.twitter.com/ltcassociates.

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Stephen D. Forman, CLTC
Senior Vice-President
Long Term Care Associates, Inc.
Bellevue, WA
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