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No. 1: Insurance sales marketing needs to be emotional

Financial sales marketing path people have different ways of approaching things, but we are all emotional creatures. Our reptilian brain is more powerful than our rational brain so it usually wins out if there is a debate between the two.

In order to market effectively, you have to give people an emotionally compelling reason to take action. The people who can attract others into their sphere of influence all have emotional radar. The following is an incomplete list of some of the emotions that you can focus on in your marketing:

Ambition, anger, passion, caution, confusion, curiosity, desire, frustration, expectation, intimidated, overwhelmed, anxious, self-interest, sympathy, sincerity.

No. 2: Insurance sales marketing using video

Most people need more than just words to be emotionally compelled. You can use images, video production, art, music or graphics to give your practice or agency a marketing edge.

Take advantage of a huge opportunity by broadcasting your message with a YouTube channel. You don't need to worry about getting the production of the video to meet Hollywood standards, instead use the video to get creative with how you convey your message personally and emotionally.

This is your broadcast so you control the programming. Ask yourself what type of videos you would watch; the answer probably isn't a lecture on finances from someone in a suit. Take some great cues from Matthew Sapaula's channel.

No. 3: Financial service industry trends: social media

More agents are incorporating social media into their practices, because they understand how much it extends their reach. Using social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways for people to find out about you.

Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages allow for another way to broadcast and build your brand, fans and advocates. To build up your fan page first become a fan of the companies or people that you want in your network (think centers of influence).

If you are using your Facebook fan page then you can like any number of their posts or videos, comment on them and repost their material on your page. This increases the likelihood that they will follow you back along with some of their fans.

You are also building up your own page and broadcasting a message without any work or time on your end. You should do the same thing when it comes to twitter; the more people you follow and retweet the more followers you will have. The larger your following the easier it is to get people curious about getting more information from you.

No. 4: Start a financial services website

Most insurance companies will give you a standard company website with their affiliated marketing campaigns integrated within. The problem is that these websites don't generate much traffic or represent your-distinct branding (more on that later).

People can tell a generic site with slogans from a personal one that conveys unique selling benefits. Your website should link to your Twitter account, Facebook fan page, and LinkedIn account so that you optimize your search engine optimization. This will also allow you to automate your marketing campaign, so that anytime you post something on one social media platform, your website will update your other pages.

A unique website gives you the very important ability to get subscribers to your newsletters and emotionally compel your prospects to contact you. A website is worth the investment if you want to hire someone to build it for you. It is also very easy to get one up and running on your own, if you can find some extra time.

I recommend the middle road if you are looking to save time and money. You can buy a domain name, find a free theme for your site through wordpress.org, and get the site up and running through Bluehost. You will be able to get a web developer to build a site much more economically after you have completed these steps.

No. 5: Have your own financial services email newsletter

Having a newsletter allows you to communicate with your prospects and clients so that your calendar stays full. If you have a message that speaks to the emotional states mentioned above and have a call to action for more information you will see a significant increase in meetings.

If you can incorporate these five strategies into your marketing, you will be ahead of the curve in marketing your practice.
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