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By Kathryn Mayer

How fit and healthy are residents in America’s biggest cities?

The American College of Sports Medicine last week published its annual fittest cities in the nation list. The list ranks 50 major cities based on 31 indicators in four categories: chronic health problems (diabetes, asthma); health behaviors (cigarette smoking and fruit consumption); physical or built environments (parkland acreage and number of farmer's markets); and recreational facilities (swimming pools and playgrounds).

See if your city makes the list.

5. San Francisco

Among San Fran’s strengths are a higher percentage of residents meeting both CDC aerobic and strength activity guidelines, according to the report. San Francisco got a 71-point rating out of 100.

Other major cities rounding out the top 10 include: San Jose, Calif. (No. 6), Seattle (No. 7), San Diego (No. 8), Boston (no. 9) and Sacramento (No. 10).

4. Denver

Residents living in Denver report a higher percentage of any physical activity or exercise. Maybe that’s because the Mile High City also boasts a high number of dog parks, public parks (and playgrounds), golf courses, ballparks, tennis courts and recreation centers, according to the report.

Denver also has one of the lowest obesity rates in the country.

Score: 71.7/100
3. Portland, Ore.

The report ranks Portland high for its percentage of “physical activity or exercise in the last 30 days,” its percentage of residents eating three or more vegetables per day and those using public transportation.

The city also boasts a lower death rate for cardiovascular disease.

Score: 72.1/100

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2. Minneapolis-St. Paul

For the last three years, Minneapolis-St. Paul held the title as the fittest city in the nation. It has a lot going for it, according to the study: lots of physical activity, low death rates, and lots of parks and tennis courts, among others.

But one city bumped it from the top spot this year...

Score: 73.5/100

1. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. tops the rankings of America’s 50 largest cities in terms of fitness.

The Washington metro area achieved a high of 77.3 out of 100 possible points.

Lower death rates, a high percentage of residents who bicycle or walk to work and high intakes of fruits and veggies are among the reasons it’s cool — or, more accurately, fit — to be in the nation’s capital.

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