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By Kathryn Mayer

81. Stop selling, start consulting.

82. Rise above the short-timers. — Tina Butler Phillips, regional director and CE Instructor for Allstate Benefits

83. Get a handle on critical illness insurance. Experts say it’s one voluntary product that will continue to grow.

84. “Never take a no from someone who can’t say yes.” — Stuart Lubline, broker at The Benefit Source Inc., Cleveland

85. Take the time to get to know each client personally. Treat them individually, not just like everyone else.

86. Use special care when it comes to senior clients.

87. Try Medicare Advantage sales.

88. Think about the needs of the consumer. “Think how the core needs of employees and their families are answered first, and keep in mind that people may not understand their needs as well as we do.” — Benefits Selling columnist Marty Traynor

89. Be educated about health savings accounts.

90. Educate clients and employers about the new rules about flexible savings accounts announced late in 2013.

91. Stick to your brand. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There are fundamental reasons that people buy your brand. They know it and like it. Kellogg’s has sold its Corn Flakes cereal since 1906, and the recipe hasn’t changed. If you think about corn flakes, you think Kellogg’s. When you think you can make more money by changing what works, you risk not only losing your identity, but also your customers and your money. — Mark Roberts, manager of national accounts at Careington International, Dallas
92. Make an effort to meet face-to-face with clients.

93. Send holiday cards or Christmas cards to clients.

94. Actually attend an enrollment.

95. Offer clients an annual Medicare review. — Rich White, writer and sales training consultant

96. Always answer and return your phone calls. — Joe Perez, independent broker in Miami

97. Always carry business cards with you — and actually hand them out.

98. Write an article or a blog about industry news. It’s beneficial for clients, and gets your name out there.

99. Show up on time — or better yet, show up early.

100. Smile And make eye contact.

101. Change to improve. “Always be willing to change to improve. Don’t continue to do things ‘because that is just how we do it.’ Be better.” — Kyle Moss, partner, McQueary Henry Bowles Troy

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