If people aren't talking about you, you're doing something wrongBlog added by Maribeth Kuzmeski on September 3, 2014
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If you’re not doing something that people are talking about, then it’s time to change.

At your firm you deliver good service, you have helped people reach their goals, your clients are loyal, and you receive referrals every once in a while. These are great achievements, but if people aren’t talking about your business to others, something is missing.

If clients and other professionals are not out talking about you, it's not their fault. I have heard advisors say things like: "My clients don’t like to refer," or "My clients don’t know a lot of other people to introduce to me to." And although these statements may well be true, they are not absolute.

The fact is, you don’t need 100 clients or other professionals out talking about you and your business; you really just need one (or one more).

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So if your clients are not out talking about you, it may be because you have not given them something worth sharing, something that makes you stand out. If your story is powerful enough, clients will be talking.

So, what’s your story that your clients can easily share with others? Perhaps it is not the obvious -— that you are good at investing and deliver sound advice to your clients — but something more about how you have made them feel. And, yes, I know this is the softer side, but research suggests referrals don’t usually come when someone says, “He does a good job.”

The more time you spend with the people who are delighted by your experience, the smarter you will be about telling your own story. Listen to your clients talk about what you have done for them, and you may get to the bottom of what is really compelling in your business.
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