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Today, I received a call from Gloria, the niece of one of my dearest clients, who told me that my client, Ann, had passed approximately 10 days ago — but no one knew. You see, Ann was a senior in her early 70s who lived alone after the death of her husband. She had also lost her only son during a mugging over his sports car. Alone, she fell victim to a heart attack. With no one available to assist her, she passed away.

Ann was spunky and full of life. When my wife, Deanna, and I were in Tampa, Ann made sure that that we attended a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game with her and sat the best seats in the house. Ann had one the world's sweetest dispositions. She loved people and always wanted to share her life experience.

I tell you this because when I got the call today, Gloria said to me, "I have no idea why I am calling you, but I am the niece of Ann Jones and I found not one, but sevearal of your cards in her dresser draw and I had to assume you must have been important to her." She said that she confirmed this when she discovered a note that said, "Dear Gloria, if you are reading this letter, it is important that you call Robert. He will know what to do!"

You see, Gloria was unaware of the amazing gift of this beautiful woman. Not only did she care for all of her own final arrangements in advance, but she left behind the most precious expression of love: a life insurance policy so that Gloria could live without the additional financial burdens.

It's on days like this when I truly begin to understand the value of what we do as financial professionals and, more importantly, the role we play in the lives of those we leave behind.

Ann's life was certainly not lived in vain. She made sure to promote her words of wisdom to most anyone who would listen. And she did so again in her passing, where her underlying message was simple: Tomorrow is promised to no one. Share your wisdom with most everyone and, most importantly, treasure all your moments; they are not nearly as long as we may think.

In the end, she loved her family, and family is everything. RIP, Ms. Ann Jones.
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