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Midway through first quarter is often the point where you realize that the goals you’ve established for yourself and your business are either picking up steam or the dreaded alternative, something is not quite clicking.

After all of the careful planning and work you put into setting your goals and following through, why aren’t the results materializing? You’ve been on the trail, wooing prospects, but closed sales just aren’t happening.

Well, stop selling. The days of salesperson esteem are over, and people no longer desired being sold anything. Acting as transfer agents in the exchange of essential commodities for money is viewed as distasteful at best. People want relationships in which they can participate.

Therefore, you should give them what they want and develop relationships further, creating brand ambassadors and heroes for your products and services. This is not as simple as it sounds, because it requires considerable effort on your part.

Ingrained patterns of sales-y behavior usually run deep. However, we’ve outlined four tenets below that are key in ending your career as a salesperson.

1. You must be authentic.

This requires an inherent belief in both yourself and your offerings that is obvious and transparent to your clients. 2. Your products and/or services must actually benefit your clients by solving a need.

If there is no tangible value-added proposition for your offerings, you will not succeed in your endeavors. 3. You must be able to engage your prospects.

You’re interactions and communication with your prospects and clients need to not just include them, but also provide a forum for their voices to be heard. The Greek philosopher, Epictetus, famously quoted, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

4. You must repeat the previous three tenets again and again.

Long after the dust has settled from a great interaction or even a sale, you should already be in the process of authentically engaging your clients and prospects, ensuring there’s value for them in every interaction. (In fact, this process should be ceaseless).

Have you made the transition from salesperson? How did you move through the process? Did the four points outlined above factor into your personal equation? Stay tuned for part two, as we take these four tenets further and begin discussing hero generation.
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