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Mike Mastowski

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How many phone calls and emails do you receive on a weekly basis from independent marketing companies touting the latest, greatest bread slicer ever invented? They never seem to stop. So how do you sort through this sea of madness to determine which marketing company can really help you?

Here is what I have learned in 12 years on the wholesale side of our business. Every agent is different and every market is different. What that usually means is cookie-cutter programs have a great chance of failing, but they seem to only fail for you and work for everyone else.

Seminars, radio, TV, direct mail, appointment setting, leads, client appreciation events … they all work for some agents, but not all agents. The question is will they work for you?

I think this is where you have to make a determination about what you need rather than what the marketing company is selling this week. You should align yourself with an IMO who will offer you help based on your style, your market, your work ethic and your budget.

What you really should be looking for are the following:
    1. Marketers who actually call you back when you need them and offer you the best product recommendation for your client.

    2. A multi-carrier platform (once again, one size doesn’t fit all).

    3. Real marketing help. What you need, not what they’re selling.

    4. Great back office support. You don’t need to spend your time chasing cases.
That seems pretty simple, but I think we all get caught up in the flavor of the day or the next great gimmick and take our eye off what is really important. This business takes hard work, branding and a creative strategy.

You know your business better than we do. For us to persuade you into a marketing strategy simply to give you the appearance that we’re doing something is worse than us doing nothing. You will be best served by building a partnership with an IMO where your needs come first.
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