Its 2014, and still no one has heard of life settlementsBlog added by Erez Rotem on May 7, 2014
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Everyone knows what a life settlement is, right? It's the sale of a life insurance policy to a third party.

It's right there on Wikipedia! It's probably been there since Wikipedia started in 2004. Well, I have a bombshell for you. Are you sitting down?

It's 2014, and most people have still never heard of a life settlement. I just did my 1,000th seminar, and still, very few people have heard of life settlements. Those who told me that they had heard about it before heard it from me. And sure, those same 100 agents who get solicited everyday by life settlement brokers have heard about it. I even was interviewed in a video blog about the subject.

Very few people know what a life settlement is all about. What are we doing wrong as an industry that life settlements aren't as well known as reverse mortgages? What can I do better to get the word out?

I would really like to hear from people. Really, I mean that! Please share your thoughts.
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