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A 10 percent tax.
    “It would be thought a hard government that should tax its people one-tenth part of their time, to be employed in its service."
    - Benjamin Franklin in the Persona of Father Abraham
Benjamin Franklin and the other founding fathers didn’t have to deal with the IRS, state, county, township, city and tax-district income taxes, property taxes, school taxes, taxes on gas, electricity, telephone service, Internet access, cable and satellite service, water, sewer, gasoline, heating fuel, beer, wine, whiskey, tobacco, and sales tax on almost everything else thrown in just for good measure. Add to that the taxes on corporations that are absorbed in the price of their goods that make sure you end up paying tax on that hidden tax when you buy those goods.

Today’s governments in America take a lot more than ten percent of your time. They don’t require actual time. They take so much of the typical American’s work product — money for short — in the form of taxes that you really work for the government 50 percent of the time or more.

It can get even worse when you add in estate and inheritance taxes, probate fees and final expense costs if you are financially successful, even when you have well informed and qualified advisers.

Is ours, therefore, a “hard government?” Hard indeed and getting out of hand, but recall the taxes we impose on ourselves by idleness, pride and folly. We control these taxes entirely.

We can control the taxes of government only by electing people who see government as the servant of “We the People.”
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