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Let’s face it, the world is noisy. Lots of people trying to get the attention of the prospects that you want. Lots of noise.

So why does one message get heard and others ignored? Here’s a thought that I think will be helpful.

There’s an old saying in marketing that you want to enter the conversation that’s already going on in your prospect's head. The trick to doing this is that we really have to know our prospect, and what their hopes, fears, dreams and ambitions are.

Even though we may be sending our message out to hundreds or even thousands, we want the tone and content to be the same as if we were intimately writing to a single individual. Thus, the more we can put ourselves in the proverbial shoes of our prospect, the more effective we’ll be at writing these types of messages.

Here’s an exercise that I found helpful and I thought I’d pass along to you. Take the time to give the following question some good thinking, from the perspective of your ideal client.

John (or Jane) is my ideal prospect. He/she is __ years old. His/her three biggest frustrations are ___, ___ and ___. He/she is afraid of ___. Sometimes he/she even wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about___.

If he/she could snap his fingers and make three specific outcomes happen immediately, he/she would want the following three things to happen:

His/her biggest concern about hiring an advisor to solve this problem is ___.

When he goes to the Internet to find a solution to this problem, he’ll usually enter keywords into Google such as ___, ___ and ___.

If he is going to do business with me, he needs to believe 1___, 2___ and 3___.

The myth he believes (that I will shatter) is ___.

The biggest reasons he would not buy from me would probably be 1___, 2___ and 3___.

Right now he gets most of information about my topic from centers of influence such as 1___, 2___ and 3___.

In trying to solve his problem, he’s not able to___.

The perfect way to help him overcome his biggest frustration would be to ______.

Taking the time to answer these questions will enable you to write your messages with an intimate voice that will greatly increase the likelihood that they’ll be read.
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