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Do you ever have people call and cancel an appointment? If you are like every other producer, you have this happen frequently. The situation below is related to seminars, but the concept of reversing the objection back onto the client and asking them a question is universal.

If a prospect calls in to cancel their appointment, try to figure out the real reason they aren’t coming in. Often, they will say, “I’m not interested at this time,” or “This just isn’t for me.” Think about those excuses for a minute. How can a person say something like that when they haven’t heard the specifics yet on what you do or how this tool works when it is applied to a person’s situation? Here is a good response:

"I appreciate you calling me to tell me that. Can you do me a favor — can you help me understand your situation a little better? At the seminar, I talked about how I have put together plans for people that keep their money safe from losses, give them access to growth without risk and create a stream of income that can never run out. But you are telling me that that doesn’t interest you at this time. Can you share with me if you have talked with someone since the night of the seminar, and if that is causing you to cancel your appointment? Which one of those things doesn’t interest you?"

If they respond by saying, “I don’t like annuities,” or “My broker says that he can do the same thing,” or “He doesn’t think that annuities are right for me at this time,” respond by saying:

"Does it make sense that no one knows you better than you? Maybe your advisor is right. But maybe he is wrong. Why don’t you do this: Keep your appointment with me but insist your broker comes with you. If you believe he has your best interest at heart, then he will join you in this meeting. If, after the appointment, you and your broker agree that what I can do for you isn’t appropriate, then cancel any future meetings. Based on the facts that I will show you and your broker, if you don’t feel comfortable moving forward, then you won’t. Doesn't it make sense to make your decision once you have all the information instead of before you have any? Would you be willing to keep your appointment?"
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