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Part one of this series introduced you to the idea of Eurekonomics. In part two, we looked at the rate of return fallacies, among other things. In this article, I'll discuss opportunities and emergencies, interest, and more about the process itself.

You cannot predict when an emergency might create an unexpected financial burden on you or when an opportunity might arise for you to use your money to make more money. Having access to your money without penalties or taxes and without reversing your financial preparations and progress is essential in these situations.

Here's an example. Recently an elderly woman in a house down the street moved to a nursing home. Her home of 50 years came up for sale at a bargain price. The house only needed a little cleaning, painting, and updating to prepare it for sale.

A client that was also a neighbor had the capital needed to buy the house and make the needed repairs. Once the work was completed, he sold the home to a single mom. He recovered all of the principle and interest he had spent on the house, made a profit, and improved the neighborhood in the bargain.

You can't tell when these situations will present themselves but, if you're prepared with a store of wealth that you control and use without penalty, you'll be ready.

We mostly pay interest to others, but you can capture it for yourself

Albert Einstein understood Eurekonomics. He considered compound interest humankind's greatest invention. Compounding interest is a brilliant way to make your money grow when you're earning the interest in your own accounts. Unfortunately, most Americans pad the accounts of Behemoths with interest payments instead.

Think about it. You have to go to work. If you have to drive to get there, you'll need a car. If you need a car but you don't have the money in your accounts to buy a car, you borrow it from your credit union, bank, or the automakers finance arm.

Conventional wisdom tells you that this strategy makes sense. However, you pay an exorbitant amount of interest for the privilege of using the Behemoths money, and it ends up taking a large part of our earnings from your work just to get to work each day. Imagine the cost of going to work in interest alone over your lifetime!

Wouldn't it make more sense for you to create a system of paying for cars and other major purchases from your savings? Wouldn't it make sense to replenish your savings program by repaying both principle and interest to your plan, the same as you would to any other lender?

When you do that, you control your money. If you add the money you're sending to the credit card company and maybe even the mortgage company, how much more money would you be able to collect in your own account, as opposed to the Behemoth's?

Americans need the Behemoths to control the flow of money between and among Behemoths and in the general economy. However, Eurekonomics is not about Behemoths.

Eurekonomics shows Americans in every financial bracket how to control the money that flows through their lives and how to avoid giving their money to the Behemoths.

It helps you recover, recycle, and compound hundreds or thousands of dollars over your lifetime that the Behemoths would otherwise use to create wealth for themselves, while denying wealth to you.

What kind of tool are we talking about?

We've talked about tools a number of times. Financial products are the tools you use to create wealth and manage your personal finances. The financial services industry would have you believe that the tools are the solution. They are not.

Therefore, it's important that you select the proper financial tools. However, if all you hear is the conventional wisdom spewed by the Behemoths, you will not learn about many of the available tools and will not be fully aware of the effect of the tools the Behemoths promote. In that case, the products you buy and the process the Behemoths promote can hurt you instead of helping you create wealth and manage your personal finances. The effects are often significant.

The Eurekonomics process relies on common sense. It aims first to employ a proven system that benefits you in the most powerful ways possible. It introduces tools only after you have a full understanding of the process.

It focuses first on the choices you've made in the past and how to make them most productive. Sometimes, a financial choice might be downright damaging, for now and for the future. The worst part is that oftentimes, people are unaware their choices can have this effect.

Eurekonomists stop the obvious leaks in their financial bucket first, then they asses dozens of other opportunities to plug money leaks.

There is one cost that is hidden to most Americans. How you choose to handle this hidden cost makes a significant difference in how much wealth you create and how comfortably you manage your personal finances.

Eurekonomics helps you understand the effect of this cost on both your present and your future. You'll discover how controlling this cost makes the difference between growing wealth and continuing to tread water.

It also deals aggressively with this hidden cost. Not only does it cost you today, but it significantly impacts what you could have earned for your family for the rest of your life. It is crucial to stop this money leak immediately.

The process is personal

Eurekonomics clears your path to wealth by helping you discover money that you are not using to its best advantage and redirecting it by conscious choice into more productive uses.

You control your money, not your advisor

Much of what the Behemoths pass off as financial wisdom is unnecessarily complicated. The Behemoths want you to believe you can't successfully build wealth and manage your personal finances. Bunk!

You alone are uniquely qualified to manage your personal finances, select the best way to create wealth for your family, react to changes as they occur, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Eurekonomics is common sense wealth creation and money management. It creates powerful results that are under your complete control, endure for your lifetime, and that you can pay forward for generations.

The role is of a Eurekonomist is to make sure you understand how EUREKONOMICS(TM) works in your life so you can create wealth for yourself and your family without incurring excessive risk or having to worry about markets crashing, bubbles bursting, or some Behemoth crushing your dreams.

Eurekonomics relies on the belief that you are the best judge of what's right for you; that you deserve to have all that life can bring.

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