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This week's collection includes America's disappointing place among the world's retirement systems, an update on Bernie Madoff's life in jail, industry veterans' thoughts on social media, avoiding family conflicts during the estate planning process, and more.

How they do it elsewhere (New York Times)

"The United States can boast that it has the world’s best basketball players, fighter jets and country and western singers. But hardly anyone would ever boast that the United States has the world’s best retirement system."

Prison exclusive: Bernie Madoff can't sleep (CNN Money)

"Bernard Madoff once had billions of dollars, but now he makes $40 a month doing menial prison labor."

Five signs you picked the wrong financial advisor (Business Insider)

"These five red flags are a good indication of whether the financial planner sitting across from you is someone you should trust with your money."

Covering the rising cost of long-term care (New York Times)

"Few sticker shocks are as bracing as the price of hiring someone to help with the simplest activities — bathing, toilet use, dressing, eating and moving."

Should you consider disability insurance? (USA Today)

"Americans use insurance to protect a host of assets, from cars to homes to jewelry. But many people forget to insure their most important asset — the ability to work and earn a living."

Industry veterans see hope (and hype) in social media for advisors (Financial Planning)

"For all the hype surrounding social media sites as the next great marketing channel for advisors, a panel of industry leaders warned that the jury is still out on what role tools like Facebook and Twitter will ultimately play in financial-services firms."

The tricky business of retirement: hidden 401(k) fees (NPR)

"All the risks fall on the individual, Hiltonsmith says. 'Now,' he says, 'you can work as potentially hard as possible and play by the rules and still not be able to retire with some dignity.'"

Getting the full picture on annuities and insurance (New York Times)

"Life insurance and annuities are supposed to accomplish straightforward goals: life insurance provides for your family if you die unexpectedly and annuities guarantee a steady stream of income in retirement. But right now, both are being promoted for their tax benefits. "

Avoiding family conflicts during estate planning (Wealth Management)

"Family litigation occurs not from a lack of trying to solve the issue, but from a lack of planning. Here, CPAs at Sensiba San Filippo provide tactics to avoid family battles over wealth transfers."

Obamacare: 3 years in, it faces steep challenges (USA Today)

"The Affordable Care Act is sure to survive the latest vote scheduled for Thursday by the House of Representatives to repeal it — since the Senate doesn't plan to take it up and President Obama would veto it if it somehow reached his desk — but the administration's signature legislative achievement still faces serious perils ahead."

10 reasons critical illnesses pose retirement risk (US News)

"Longevity gains have added years to average life spans, but these extra years may seem more curse than blessing if they are spent dealing with serious illness and unaffordable medical bills. Doesn't insurance cover these things? Not exactly."
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