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There are numerous prospecting systems and countless techniques for getting in front of clients, but the one common element is activity. As a salesperson, you must ask yourself, "Where is my time most valuably spent?" For the majority of us, it's in front of or speaking to potential clients.

Rather than working one day at a time, develop a system for everything. There's an integral reason why companies like McDonalds, UPS and Disney do so well — they all have systems for getting things done quickly and efficiently, and you can too. Think about systematizing all of your repetitive tasks. Quit reinventing the wheel every day and you'll close more sales.

Once your system is streamlined, over time you will be amazed by how much time you save. An added benefit to building and documenting these systems is they will enable you to pass off these tasks to an assistant more easily as your business grows.

Salespeople often succumb to the present task. How often have you spent three quarters of your day trying to track down a policy in an insurance carrier's underwriting department? Wouldn't this time be more valuable spent talking to prospects rather than speaking with a home office employee who can't make a decision? Why not delegate this task to someone else — maybe your marketing organization?

There's a new trend in the IMO, NMO and FMO business structure where case management departments are sprouting among competitive IMOs. When choosing an organization to work with, I highly recommend asking them detailed questions about their case management department. Examples of such questions are:

When I submit an application through your office, what type of follow-up correspondence will I receive? A quality IMO would notify you the same day the application was received via e-mail or phone. In addition, anytime a human touches the application, the agent should be proactively communicated with.

How has your case management department improved your submitted-to-placed time frame? Most IMOs with CM departments are reporting a 40 percent decrease in application placement time.

What additional services does your case management department offer? Many IMOs offer free signature guarantee service, overnight shipping, scanned images of all applications available on demand, detailed reporting and more.

How many applications does your average case manager work on at one time? A good rule of thumb dictates that one case manager can handle the workload of approximately 100 applications.

Salespeople have a natural tendency to work alone. Typically, this trait is considered to be a positive one. Unfortunately, when it stretches to those tasks that could be done by an IMO's case manager, it turns into a real negative. By not relying more heavily on your IMO, a tremendous amount of good selling time and talent is wasted.
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