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This week we saw a flurry of activity surrounding several industry events and trends, including the first anniversary of health care reform and the multiple crises America faces as the baby boomers enter retirement.

Health care reform birthday bash

The anniversary of health care reform resulted in a PR war, with groups from both sides of the issue releasing studies, polls, reports and surveys striving to show us their stance must be right. In the midst of this craziness, the ProWEB Wire team managed to capture a few of the highlights:

New FIO director says health reform protects consumers

Many Americans oppose individual mandate: Revere America

Health reform saved seniors $40M in drug costs, says HHS

Pro-health reform group releases anniversary report on law's benefits

Boomers set to destroy the LTCI industry

The boomers, always a hot topic, are causing panic in various health industry sectors. This week, Expert in Boomers and Long Term Care Tom Reikse examined the LTC crisis in his article, “The LTC crisis has officially arrived – and the tough choices are just beginning.”
    During the last 12 months, insurers have had to make some difficult choices about long term care insurance. Because of worse than anticipated experiences around lapses, claims and investment returns, some companies have suspended new sales, increased in force premiums or exited the market altogether.

    Many advisers may feel they’ve had a bad experience offering long term care insurance to their clients. The list of problems cited is long: clients declined for health reasons, complex products, companies leaving the market, dealing with unforeseen rate increases and a difficult subject to discuss with their clients.
Reikse points out the biggest reason consumers buy LTCI is because their adviser recommended it. How do you encourage your boomer clients to purchase LTCI? Comment on Reikse’s article to let us know!

ProducersWEB excitement

Last week, we unveiled a page with tools to help you promote your ProducersWEB profiles and content. We’ve had a few contributors use these tools, and we’d like to show them to you: If you reach a milestone on ProducersWEB, such as ranking or followers, be sure to let us know so we can help spread the word! And check out our new Members Rankings page to see who you’re up against!

Finally, we had some excitement on the social media front, surpassing 1,000 followers on Twitter! We want to thank all of our loyal followers for their @mentions and retweets to make other Tweeters aware of our page.


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