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This week's picks include one doctor's plan to revolutionize end-of-life care, a description of a new life insurance payout option, a piece on how same-sex marriage could affect health benefits, suggested questions when choosing a financial advisor, a list of pertinent retirement deadlines, and more.

The risky investments in ‘safe’ annuities (MarketWatch)

“It’s a safe, simple, and kind of dull system. So, in the do-or-die Wall Street spirit of ‘mess with it ‘til it breaks,’ some financial-services firms are now beginning to liven things up a bit.”

10 questions to ask when choosing a financial advisor (Forbes)

“’The study finds that there are two elements beyond investment performance separating firms with high satisfaction from those with low satisfaction: the person that investors credit for their investment performance and the relationship investors have with their advisor.’”

How not to die (The Atlantic)

“Formality impedes communication, he tells me, and ‘there’s nothing more essential to being a good doctor than your ability to communicate.’ More important, he believes that his videos can disrupt the way the medical system handles late-life care, and that the system urgently needs disrupting.”

How same-sex marriage could affect health benefits (LA Times)

“What do you think? Should domestic partner benefits go away in states that legalize gay marriage? Or should they stay in place because more people need benefits anyway?”

Life insurance payout on an installment plan? (Fox Business)

“Known as ‘installment-payout life insurance’ (though Minnesota Life uses the term ‘income protection agreement’ to describe its installment plan), this relatively new product allows the insured to choose how the policy's proceeds will be disbursed. And it may offer a number of advantages.”

Don’t let ‘dead’ 401(k)s skew your retirement plan (CNBC)

“They found that workers who have more than one kind of retirement investment generally keep a higher percentage of their funds in stocks than those who have one kind of account. More specifically, those who own an IRA are more likely to be all in stocks if they have a 401(k) as well.”

12 important retirement planning deadlines (US News)

“Missing these important dates could harm you retirement finances.”

Estate planning remains a moving target under the new tax law (The New York Times)

“With the federal tax on estates now kicking in at $5.25 million — or $10.5 million for a couple — it may seem that only the very wealthy need to worry about paying the tax. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else can forget about an estate plan.
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