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By Kathryn Mayer

Though the health care market is seemingly hard to navigate—especially as health reform, including its exchanges, is changing the industry—Americans say they aren’t too worried about their ability to navigate the system.

According to a survey by Express Scripts, a majority of Americans, including those uninsured right now—are confident in their ability to choose health coverage.

The national survey of about 2,700 Americans, including those who are employer-insured, self-insured and uninsured, finds that more than half of those most likely to enroll in the new public exchanges coming in January 2014 say they’re prepared for the challenge.

And 53 percent of those uninsured are confident they’ll be able to select the best health plan for themselves and their family, the survey finds. Additionally, 60 percent of those who purchase health insurance on their own are sure they’re ready to make the right choice.

“Given some of the complexities surrounding health care reform changes and the new options being made available to Americans, it is encouraging to learn that the majority of those being most affected are confident they will be able to navigate the system successfully,” says Julie Huppert, vice president of health care reform at Express Scripts.

“That said, our survey also shows that nearly half aren’t as prepared for this opportunity and will require both education and support from companies like ours and our health plan partners to ensure they choose appropriate coverage,” she says.

People ages 45 to 64 tend to be more confident about their ability to choose a plan than those ages 18 to 44, with the exception of the uninsured, where the younger group is slightly more confident they will make the right choice.

Additionally, women tend to be more ready for the task than men, with the exception again being the uninsured, where men and women are nearly equal in their certainty that they can handle the decision.

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