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Editor's note: Jeffrey Reeves' introduction provides an overview of this weekly blog series.
    COURTEOUS Reader,
    “I have heard that nothing gives an author so great pleasure as to find his works respectfully quoted by others. Judge, then, how much I must have been gratified by an incident I am going to relate to you.”
    — Benjamin Franklin, in the persona of Poor Richard Saunders
Jeffrey Reeves, in the persona of Dr Agon Fly, agrees. Kind words about one’s writing are greatly appreciated.

It is with the hope that the commentary I provide, which R. Nelson Nash equated with ‘The richest man in Babylon’, is in some small proportion as meaningful and motivating to today’s 21st Century reader as Dr. Franklin’s words were to early America, for they remain just as valuable today.

It is with equal hope that this series in book form will receive some measure of attention from insurance and financial advisors as a marketing tool, by insurance companies and their affiliates as a promotional piece, and endure beyond a few moments in time.

Thank you for reading the entries in this series.
    “I stopped my horse lately, where a great number of people were collected at an auction of merchants' goods."
Today, we park our cars in multilevel parking facilities at multilevel malls where a great number of people gather for sales. The times have changed, but merchants still sell their goods and human nature remains the same. Buying things “on sale” is still buying things and spending money.
    “The hour of the sale not being come, they were conversing on the badness of the times.”
Just like last week, or month, or year, times and topics remain consistent. Some see the world as full of shadows and others see it as full of light. Those who live on the dark side tend to engage in negative talk and behavior, while those on the side of light focus on more positive thoughts and activities. As you will discover, this was the case in 1758, as it is today.

The most interesting aspect of this behavior is that those who live on the dark side accomplish less than those who live in the light. Is it a wonder? Not at all; results reflect what people pay attention to.

Where do you focus your attention?
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