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Editor's note: Jeffrey Reeves' introduction to "The Way to Wealth" provides an overview of this weekly blog series.
    “…and [the tax we impose on ourselves is] four times as much by our folly…”
    - Benjamin Franklin in the persona of Father Abraham
    “Folly — a lack of good sense or normal prudence and foresight; an excessively costly or unprofitable undertaking…”
    - Merriam-Webster Online
Have you ever followed a whim and found it to be a folly? Or just entered into a folly, eyes wide open?

Father Abraham tells us folly is the greatest tax that we impose on ourselves.

The Behemoths have us convinced that folly is wisdom. They want us to believe it’s OK to lose real money today for maybe-money at some undetermined future date.&. That’s folly.

It shows a lack of good sense, normal prudence and foresight; an excessively costly and unprofitable undertaking for Americans, but not for the Behemoths. That’s how the Behemoths have hijacked control of trillions of our dollars while we everyday Americans find less and less in our accounts.

Think about it. We can do better.
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